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At "All Vibes Mood Music", we believe that artists deserve recognition for their hard work and talent. That's why we make sure to credit every artist who submits their work to our handpicked playlists, including the "All Vibes Signature" playlist and any instrumental playlist.


When an artist submits their track to our playlist, we carefully review it and determine whether it meets our standards for quality and style. If it does, we add it to the playlist and make sure to include the artist's name and other relevant information, such as their social media handles and website.


By giving credit to the artist, we not only honor their contribution to our playlist, but we also help promote their work to our audience. This can lead to increased exposure and recognition, as well as potential new fans and followers.


So if you're an artist looking to showcase your work and gain exposure, consider submitting your tracks to "All Vibes Mood Music" and let us help promote your music to the world!

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